A new hobby!

Saturday  /  24 December 2016  /  Personal

Its that time of the year when I feel guilty for not achieving any of the targets set this year and start listing down targets for next year with the same energy. This website was one on my list for this year. Am just glad that I could scratch it out.

About this site

The idea of a personal site didn’t strike to me until I came to know about Jekyll. Its a simple static site generator and it doesn’t require a database and hosting server. You just need to shell out few bucks for domain name if at all you require and github takes care of hosting . Of course there are many services out there like wordpress, tumblr, etc which don’t require you to set up hosting but whats fun in them for a developer. If you are in pursuit of bulding a simple website without spending much, then Jekyll is just great, you should try it.

Whats it for

Am no master of words. My vocabulary is very limited and I have a feeling that its depleting as I don’t speak or write in this language in my daily commute. As far as what I have in my mind, I shall use this space to share what I know or what I learn and thus doing myself a help remembering stuffs. Given my past, am not good at maintaining website of my own or finishing what I started. So we’ll have to see how far this one goes.