Pondicherry to Goa - Bike ride

Friday  /  18 August 2017  / 

Title sounds cool right? But no, I actually didn’t make the whole trip on my bike (Fortunately). And this wasn’t one of those leisure trips where I plan my routes, select places to visit & make arrangements for my stay. This was more of a relocation . Yes, I was moving to Goa for my job.

When I was planning for my relocation, I know for sure that I can’t go without my bike. I enquired packers & movers, they charge minimum 8k for this. I would have gone for that option if my friend hadn’t mentioned about taking bike as luggage if traveling by train. The nearest station to Goa from Pondicherry was Mangalore from where I had to travel 380KM to reach my destination. Below is my travel expenses,

Train ticket 400
Luggage charges(for bike) 630
Porter charges for packing & loading bike   500
Porter charges for unloading 200
Petrol (12 liters) 760
Total 2490

I did wanted to write full travelogue about this trip but I kind of forgot to take photos whenever I should have and it heavy downpour most of the way. So here are few clicks I managed to take.


I reached Mangalore station around 10.30 am (The train scheduled to reach by 9.00) ending my 16hrs train journey which I spent mostly by sleeping. Deported my bike & took an auto to buy some petrol so I could reach the petrol pump and fill my tank. There are many Tamil speaking auto drivers in that station & they helped my with fixing mirrors on my bike (which was removed while packaging).

I filled my tank and was on my way to Goa by 11.30. I should say, Karnataka is just lush green all the way. Its hard not to wonder why they won’t share water with Tamil Nadu. I mean, WTF! Everything is going to the damn sea.

Mangalore station Mangalore2 Mangalore3 Mangalore4 Mangalore5 Mangalore6


I had my lunch in some place in Mangalore and was on the outlook for a Tea shop for some three hours. Seriously, I was traveling on a highway used by thousands of travelers each day & couldn’t find any shop which sells tea or snacks. I finally found one in Karwar and can’t stop myself from taking a photo of that place. By the time I reached the board “Goa welcomes you!”, I was all exhausted and just wanted to reach my AirBnB room and sleep ASAP. So didn’t even bother to take a single snap all the way. Reached my room by 7.30 pm and thus completing one heck of a ride.


I had booked my Airbnb room just for 2 day & had to find a permanent place very soon. So I hunted down for a flat real hard and found this pleasant place which I could call home. Goa5

My work desk most of the time


And That’s Me with my morning Tea